Historic Documents of the Santo Daime doctrine


of the first Assembly Meeting of the
Universal Light Christian Illumination Center (CICLU),
for the year of 1971.

these minutes refers to the positions nomination. It is believed that Mestre Irineu was well aware of his near passage, thence the importance of juridical legalizing his doctrine and to nominate people for their due positions, including his successor to preside the works, in the person of Leônico Gomes da Silva. About this moment in the doctrine it was made clear that he was nominating a follower to preside the works, and not to take charge of the mission, as Mrs. Percília Matos tells us,

On June 30th of 1971, few days before his death, there was a concentration held in his benefit. When it was done he said of this way,

“Today was that I received my president's chair; I arrived there in the astral and it had a room, the table set, and the chair at the head of the table was empty. My Mother came and asked me to take care of the chair. 'From now on you are the general chief of this mission', She said. 'Either they want it or not, in the sky, in the earth and in the sea, the chief is you”

And this happened after how many years of work? And he said,

“I am handing over this work to Leôncio; he isn't the chief, but he stays like a representative of this work. Now, one thing I can tell, which is that nobody wants to be the chief. Be united and get to work”

It was in this day that he learnt that in the act of forming the table, to open a work, we are supposed to leave his chair empty, because in the act of calling he would come to teach. “But that nobody wants to be the chief, and you don't invent anything inside this work”, he said.


Click on the images to see the three pages of the document, written down by João Rodrigues Facundes, CICLU’s secretary at the time, being the third page regarding the signatures of the ones invested in their positions. Below is the text integrally translated.

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Minutes of CICLU
for the year of 1971
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for the year of 1971
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Minutes of CICLU
for the year of 1971
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MINUTES of the first Assembly Meeting of the "Universal Light Christian Illumination Center".

At the twenty seventh day of the year of 1971, in the location denominated Alto Santo, site to the Colony “Francisco Custódio Freire”, at 8:00 pm, in the main salon of the building that till then was being used as the headquarters of the former entity entitled as Centro Livre (Free Center), officially and under the presidency of the venerating Mestre Raimundo Irineu Serra, took place the first Assembly meeting destined to the official promulgation of the foundation of the “Centro de Iluminação Cristã Luz Universal” - CICLU (Universal Light Christian Illumination Center), autonomous society, with Christian, social, cultural and civic function, with juridical basis and responsible for its specific guidelines of private character, solemn moment in which, after Mestre Raimundo Irineu Serra submitted the referred center Statute to the general appreciation, consonant thus if it is attributed to him, legally, and have singularly reached its unanimous approval, was the same deservedly acclaimed “Master Emperor”, having immediately and of conformity with what is allowed in the chapter XII, letter L of the article 22o of the Statute of this mobile Eclectic Organism, proceeded to nominate and consequently investing in the specific title-holders' responsibilities of the Superior Council, and Communitarian, respectively, the members: - Superior Board – Constitution - Immediate Master: Leôncio Gomes da Silva; Counselor: José Francisco das Neves Júnior; - Council members - in the elder’s class: Antônio José Rodrigues; - In the novices' class: José Lima Da Silva; in the layperson’ class: Luiz Mendes do Nascimento; in the council-meritorious class: Emílio Furtado Mendonça and, finally, in the meritorious - elder’s: Percília Matos da Silva. Communitarian Board - Constitution - Dignitary: Raimundo Irineu Serra; President: Daniel Arcelino Serra; Monitor: Francisco Grangeiro Filho; Administrator: João Gualberto Serra; Secretary: João Rodrigues Facundes; Treasurer: Peregrina Gomes Serra; and Caretaker: Júlio Chaves Carioca. - To follow, Mr. Master Emperor, Raimundo Irineu Serra, in brief words, said of the inexpressible happiness that he was bestowed with before the momentous achievement of the materialization of his luminous ideal, in that magnificent occasion, for itself already broadly defined, under the aegis of the divine power and the blessings of the Virgin and sovereign Mother Our lady of the Conception. Allowed the word, by the Mr. Master Emperor, of which they did use the Adviser José Francisco das Neves and the Council member Luiz Mendes do Nascimento, which those, vivid moved, congratulated Mestre Raimundo Irineu Serra for the special event that in such auspicious hour came to be formalized, inexpressible fruit of his Herculean willpower of doing everything on behalf of mankind in general, and that for the achievement of such magnificent success of long date he was – Mestre Raimundo Irineu Serra - relying on the indispensable support, limitless trust of the valorous and illustrious men of the good, and the singular protection of the main authorities of our newer State of the Brazilian federation. – Nothing more existing to address, Mr. Master Emperor, Raimundo Irineu Serra, considered closed the present meeting that, for general satisfaction, relied on the presence of elevated number of associates and estimate people especially invited. – And, to mention, was registered the present Minutes that, after read and complied goes in its end, signed by the Mr. Master Emperor, Raimundo Irineu Serra, and the other member’s nominees and invested in the Boards in reference to, and by me, João Rodrigues Facundes Secretary of this mobile Center, that I wrote, date and I sign.

Rio Branco, 27 of January 1971.