Historic Documents of the Santo Daime doctrine


Gilberto Gil receives document
in defense of ritual as cultural heritage of Brazil

Thursday, May 1st of 2008 (Published in the Blog do Altino)

The culture minister Gilberto Gil received yesterday, at the Universal Light Christian Illumination Center - Alto Santo, founded by the master Raimundo Irineu Serra in Rio Branco (AC), the document in which centers representatives that integrate the three founder branches of the ayahuasca doctrines ask that the Institute for National Artistic and Historical Heritage (Iphan) establish the recognition process of ayahuasca use in religious rites as intangible heritage of the Brazilian culture.

The receiving of the document by the minister Gilberto Gil

The request is endorsed by the Acre governor Binho Marques (PT – political party), by the deputy Edvaldo Magalhães (PC do B – political party), president of the Legislative Assembly, besides the federal deputy Perpétua Almeida (PC do B – political party), the articulator of the recognition project of ayahuasca’s ritual use.

According to the governor,

“It is very easy to build buildings, but it is very difficult to build a cultural fortress as this”

“It is our moral reserve, our wisdom’s source. I myself, at moments of disbelief, of not having anymore hope in the future, it was here that I found wisdom and illumination and much hope in the future. To perpetuate this wisdom, this culture and this illumination is important for the state of Acre. The state of Acre is thankful for that. But I am sure that Brazil is going to be grateful also, not only the state of Acre”, said Binho Marques.

Gilberto Gil hopes that the Iphan, organ of the Ministry of Culture, examine the solicitation with all zeal, fondness and responsibility.

“I hope that we can soon celebrate the registry of the ayahuasca as cultural heritage of the Brazilian nation”, said the minister.

Peregrina Serra receives the minister

Binho Marques, Gilberto Gil and advisory staff were received by the widow of Irineu Serra, Mrs. Peregrina Gomes Serra, dignitary of the Ciclu - Alto Santo.

The governor and the minister’s speeches


Historian Marcos Vinícius, president of the Municipal Foundation of Culture, does the reading of a personal message and of the document delivered to the minister.