Historic Documents of the Santo Daime doctrine

Registration of baptism of Mestre IrineuRegistration of baptism of Mestre Irineu, born on December the 15th of the year ended, 1890, and baptized in São Vicente de Ferrer, Maranhão / from the book "Contos da Lua Branca", by Florestan J. Maia Neto.


Gilberto Gil receives document
in defense of ritual as cultural heritage of Brazil

Gilberto Gil, Culture Minister, receives document The culture minister Gilberto Gil received yesterday, at the Universal Light Christian Illumination Center - Alto Santo, founded by the master Raimundo Irineu Serra in Rio Branco (AC), the document in which centers representatives that integrate the three founder branches of the ayahuasca doctrines ask that the Institute for National Artistic and Historical Heritage (Iphan) establish the recognition process of ayahuasca use in religious rites as intangible heritage of the Brazilian culture.

Thursday, May 1st of 2008 (Published in the Blog do Altino)



Minutes of the first Assembly Meting
of the Universal Light Christian Illumination Center (CICLU),
for the year of 1971.

(Document kindly sent by Mivan Gedeon, with the blessings of Daniel Arcelino Serra (Mestre's nephew)



The Marriage Cerificate
of Raimundo Irineu Serra and Raimunda Marques Feitosa,

this one held in the year of 1937, when he was 44 and she 19 years old. In this period Mestre and his followers were still living in Vila Ivonete and Raimunda was the daughter of Maria Franco, former wife of João Pereira. It is interesting to notice that they were both baptized in the state of Maranhão. According to Jairo da Silva Carioca's account, in March of 1955 Mrs. Raimunda decides to abandon the relation with Mestre Irineu, in a subject of this doctrine that few comment. It is common knowledge the difficulties in the relationship, mostly due to the problems created by his mother-in-law, Mrs. Maria Franco. “Her mother would put a finger in everything that Mestre determined, being a perturbation in his life,” comments Mrs. Percília Matos.

From origins not well known, Mrs. Raimunda was a Pajé* from birth and had a great spiritual knowledge. “She was the key of trust for Mestre. He taught and she learned. She would really make invocations. He taught her the pontos**. She took care of the men and the women,” reports Francisco Grangeiro, until the day that of her own free will she decides to leave behind all the years of companionship with Mestre Irineu. “She left to São Paulo with her mother, where she went to die, as it seems to me, run over by a car,” reports Mrs. Percília Matos.

*Pajé - name for a shaman who is also a powerful medicine-man (woman). From native tribes of Brazil.
**pontos - in the doctrine they are small verses that once invoked are able of cure, of taking a person out of embarrassing situations in a miração for example, and so on and so forth. They can be whistled or simply invoked through the concentration. Few people know these calls. Mrs. Raimunda, Mrs. Percília Matos, Mrs. Lourdes Carioca, Mrs. Veriana and madrinha Peregrina are women that know some of these secrets (according to Jairo da Silva Carioca). Pontos, in some afro traditions, means chanting and callings to invoke spirits.

A few years later Mestre marries Peregrina Gomes, his last wife, this one according to the Queen's orientation.

(Document kindly sent by Juarez Bomfim)