The Juramidam Family - Photos from the Santo Daime Doctrine
Mestre Irineu and Mrs. Raimunda, 1949

Mestre Irineu and Mrs. Raimunda,
his third wife and companion, in 1949.

From left to right: Francisca Marques Feitosa, sister of Mrs. Raimunda; Laura, the daughter of Maria Marques Vieira (Maria Damião); Veriana Brandão; Maria das Dores Ribeiro (Bibi, sister of dona Percília Matos); Maria Franco, Mrs. Raimunda's mother; Percília Ribeiro; Raimunda Marques Feitosa, the then wife of Mestre; Paulo Serra, adopted son of Mestre, and Mestre Irineu -- photo taken in 1949, most likely already in Alto Santo, which was built in 1948.

From what we know, the marriage with Mrs. Raimunda was the first official union of Mestre in the Catholic Church. With his previous wives, Rosa Emilia Amorim, with whom he had a son, Valcírio, and Mrs. Francisca, he had no formal weddings. In addition, Mestre never held weddings at the service headquarters of the doctrine. According to the elders, Mestre Irineu explained that "everything that was done at the headquarters of services was made 'in the astral’, for eternity"; therefore, in recognizing that marriages do not always last -- and in this there is not necessarily an error if it fulfils destiny -- he did not consider it appropriate to perform the wedding ceremony in the course of a spiritual service. [Luiz Carlos Teixeira de Freitas].

After the wedding, Antônio Roldão, brother of Mrs. Raimunda, became commander of the salão and a Daime maker, along with another brother, Antônio Tordo. The mother, Maria Franco, would also go on to live together with João Pereira.

Research from the book "Eu Venho de Longe" by Paulo Moreira and Edward McRae.
Photo of the collection of the late Daniel Serra, nephew of Mestre. English review by Moonvine.

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