The Juramidam Family - Photos from the Santo Daime Doctrine
Mestre's Sandals

Mestre Irineu's Sandals

Unpublished photo of Mestre Irineu (1892-1971), founder of the Universal Light Christian Enlightenment Center - Alto Santo, Rio Branco (AC), where is maintained the tradition of the Daime doctrine. A son of slaves, this Wednesday the 15th completes 118 years that Irineu was born in São Vincent Férrer (MA). The wooden chair, made by Mestre Irineu himself, is adorned and conserved in the salão of the center.

Irineu Serra was 1,98m tall. He appears in the photo with a cigar in his right hand and sandals shorter than his huge feet. His shoes, made of leather, were handmade by Antonio "Shoemaker", a follower of the doctrine who lived in Porto Velho (RO). The image belongs to the photographic collection of his wife Peregrina Gomes Serra, the center's dignitary.

[Posted by Altino Machado -] English review by Moonvine.