The Juramidam Family - Photos from the Santo Daime Doctrine
Vó Cota, sister of Mestre Irineu

Mestre’s sister, Mrs. Maria Matos, mother of Daniel Serra. In the photo she is next to Mrs. Otília, wife of Daniel, and her daughter Maria. Mrs. Maria Matos, affectionately called “Vó Cota” [grandma Cota], from “mariacotinha” (a diminutive largely used in the countryside of Maranhão), ended up drinking Daime and even living in Rio Branco after Mestre’s passage. She had the grace of receiving two hymns, one of them often sung at the center of Luiz Mendes. It is very short, but very significant... “My little blue boat / all adorned with flags / With divine power / I am already cured”. The other hymn very few people remind of (photo taken from the family album of Daniel Serra, kindly sent and commented by Mivan Gedeon). Juarez Duarte Bomfim also tells us, moved, when seeing this photo: “Vó Cota -- sister of Mestre Raimundo Irineu Serra -- was taken by Daniel Serra, her son, to know the sacred land of Alto Santo and there she remained residing (in Rio Branco - Acre).

It is told that in daily visits to Mestre’s grave she would engage in long conversations with him, Mestre Irineu. Whoever passed by the highway at the end of the afternoon, in front of Mestre’s mausoleum, would find her in a happy conversation with the invisible. The modest hymn received by her today has the grace of closing the Cure and Calling’s work of Padrinho Luiz Mendes, occasions when Saturnino Mendes tells a little of the life of this gracious old lady”.