122 years of Mestre Irineu
Posted on Facebook by Acre's Senator Jorge Viana.


122 Years of Mestre Irineu

Today Mestre Irineu completes 122 years of age. The verb is in the present tense indeed, because we are talking about a master who left a life legacy. And his work makes him as alive today as when he was still here with us.

I met Mestre when I was a kid, led by my father who would visit all the colonies around Rio Branco. But upon arriving at Alto Santo I could see that it was a unique colony. There was a huge black man sitting in a chair and a line of people, including politicians and state authorities, going there and paying reverence to him.

My father has always given great importance to the history of our Daime communities. He would tell me about the brothers Antonio and André Costa who lived in Brasiléia, my father's land, and that Mestre was the great leader of the people who made use of Ayahuasca, a genuinely Brazilian religion and, more than that, from our forest.

My relationship with the Alto Santo community has always been one of great respect and admiration. I think it is a privilege for our country to have such a community. I am proud of the friendship built with Mestre Irineu's widow, madrinha Peregrina, and others in the community, such as Toinho Alves.

On this day, I wish to shake hands with all the people from Alto Santo and the other Daime communities, branches of this so beautiful and unique history that is a living part of our culture.

Viva o Mestre Irineu! Viva the culture of the forest people!
Jorge Viana.


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