Run to Where There is Shade
Mestre Gabriel and the 'Daime call'


North Brazil saw the emergence of three Ayahuasca doctrines in the early 20th century, Christian doctrines revealed through the ancient drink of indigenous origin. On May 26th 1930, Mestre Irineu began the Daime works in Rio Branco. The year of 1945 saw the emergence of the Spiritist Center and Prayer Meeting House of Jesus – Source of Light, popularly known as “A Barquinha” [The Little Boat], when, between the years 1937 and 1945, Daniel Pereira de Mattos, disciple and fellow countryman of Mestre Irineu, received from Saint Francis of the Wounds the mission of founding a Doctrine. In 1961, José Gabriel da Costa, from Bahia, came into contact with Ayahuasca and based his doctrine on a mystical revelation, in this way giving rise to the Charitable Spiritist Center Union of the Vegetal. [Summary / edited text from Juarez Duarte Bonfim].

Until recently it was not widely recognized that Mestre Gabriel would have had contact with the Ayahuasca lineages of Rio Branco, but accounts tell that Mestre Irineu and Mestre Gabriel not only knew about each other, they even had contact through an emissary, as chronicles Edson Lodi Campos Soares.

Mestre GabrielJosé Gabriel da Costa was born to a large family of thirteen children in 1922, in the district of Coração de Maria, near Feira de Santana / Bahia, being the son of Manuel Gabriel da Costa and Prima Feliciana da Costa. His relatives tell stories indicating that since childhood José Gabriel da Costa stood out as someone special. In 1944, he joined the "rubber army"[1] and went to Rondônia to work as a rubber tapper. He married Raimunda Ferreira da Costa, known as "Pequenina", in 1947.

[1] The 'rubber army' was a government initiative to create a work force to produce rubber for the allied effort during WWII. It gave rise to a great migration of north-easterners to the rubber plantations of the Amazon in search of a better life.

From 1950 to 1958, Mestre Gabriel and his family traveled back and forth three times from the rubber plantations to Porto Velho. The third time, as they prepared to return to the rubber plantation, Mestre Gabriel told his wife and children that together they would find a treasure. In 1959, in the rubber plantation Guarapari, José Gabriel da Costa drank the Vegetal for the first time from the hands of a rubber tapper called Chico Lourenço. Mestre Gabriel always showed respect and consideration to the one who made possible his reunion with the treasure that he claimed later on to have know for thousands of years.

On the date of July 22, 1961, the " Union of the Vegetal" was created, a religion whose name was given by Mestre Gabriel. Until then, the tea had many names, including Vine, Yajé, Mariri and Daime.

Regarding the Daime, it is known that there was in the region of Porto Velho a group linked to Mestre Irineu led by a man named Virgilio. Mestre Gabriel had good relations with Mr. Virgilio, having participated in sessions, along with some of his own disciples, on more than one occasion. He also received visits from participants of that center, having even made a 'call' on the occasion in which he held a session of the União do Vegetal using Daime received as a gift. This call was named "Correi Para Onde tem Sombra" [Run to Where There is Shade] and is part of the chants used in our rituals.

Mestre Gabriel and Mestre Irineu disincarnated the same year, in 1971. As a gesture of friendship, Mrs. Peregrina, widow of Mestre Irineu, known affectionately as Godmother Peregrina, even went to Porto Velho to visit our Mestra Pequenina, the widow of Mestre Gabriel.

Edson Lodi Campos Soares, Institutional Relations Coordinator for the UDV - Journal of Ayahuasca Communities / Garibaldi Brasil Foundation (Acre).


Mestre Gabriel

Mestre Gabriel in front of the house where he lived, in Abunã Street, in Porto Velho.
It was there that the UDV prospered (Blog Religious Diversity)


Below is the explanation of the call taken from an audio transcription of unknown authorship. According to the account, the follower is a contemporary of Mestre Gabriel and witnessed the event.

I would like to give an explanation about the call "Correi Pra Onde Tem Sombra", which I always thought was called "Chamada do Daime" [Daime Call], but the Board of Re-evaluation confirms that the name is "Correi Pra Onde Tem Sombra". We were in a session held during the day at the Brickyard with Mestre Gabriel, when there arrived at that moment Guilherme, who was a disciple of Mestre Irineu, bringing in his hand a liter of Vegetal. He came and handed it to Mestre Gabriel, saying that he was bringing a liter of Daime for him. And Mestre Gabriel accepted this liter of vegetal and shared it with all of us, and we drank it. And in this session he made the call:

Run to where there is shade
Ask to whom has to give
Do not ask to whom never had
Even if he had, he would not give
It is the superior force
To whom we should ask
Give me strength, give me light
Give me the Divine love
Give me patience
Give me the Divine love
Give me obedience
Give me the Divine love
Give me perfect health
Give me the Divine love



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