Valcírio, Son of Mestre
Article from O Rio Branco gazette, from 1992, about the late Valcírio Genésio da Silva


Valcírio Serra, son of Mestre IrineuO Rio Branco gazette
Tuesday, December 15, 1992 - No. 4236 / Rio Branco, Acre.

Valcírio Genésio da Silva, 75 years old, is the only living legitimate son of Mestre Irineu. His sister, Valcirene, also born from the marriage of Mestre Irineu and Dona Emilia Rosa de Amorim (who died in 1946), only lived for a year and eight months. Mr. Valcírio currently lives in the Industrial District, on a piece of land that his father gave him after they reunited on August 15, 1970.

He says that his parents separated in Brasiléia when he was three years old. Soon after, they moved -- him and his mother -- to Bolivia. The memories he has of his father before the separation are few. He only knows that Irineu already knew the Santo Daime back then through the brothers André and Antônio Costa, and Antônio became his godfather.

Until he met again with his father, the only memories he had of the Santo Daime were of a tall shed which existed in Brasiléia, where Irineu and the Costa brothers held their works. He points out that due to persecution by the authorities, the center was closed around 1921. There, according to Valcírio, was also the place where he was baptized and tasted the Santo Daime for the first time.

For many years, after returning from Bolivia and having settled in Brasiléia, the idea of meeting his father again never left the mind of Valcírio. But as the difficulties were many, time passed by. He married, had ten children, widowed and continued working in Brasiléia, always hoping one day to have the opportunity to meet his father again. Then, in 1970, one of his daughters went to do a course in Rio Branco; and through a member of the Christian illumination Center Alto Santo, Dona Percília, who knew that Mestre Irineu had a son named Valcírio living in Brasiléia, the reencounter happened.

Mr. Valcírio recalls that when his daughter said that his father was living in Rio Branco and was the head of a Daime center, he became very anxious to meet him. Then, on August 15 1970, at two o'clock in the afternoon, he finally arrived at his father's house. Mestre was asleep.

Since he had been very young when they separated, he remembers that it was a pleasant surprise to see the tall, smiling man. "I knew he was black and very tall. But the man I saw smiling and with a face that inspired kindness, was not a part of my memories", reveals the emotional son.

"Then I said that I was his son, Valcírio. He looked me up and down with his eyes, smiled again and said - Yes, it took some time but you arrived. Afterwards, our conversation was very good. He wanted to know what I had been doing in all the time we had not seen each other, and I wanted to know the reason for his separation from my mother. He explained to me that my mother had a son who was already a teenager, and the two did not get along very well", he says.

At this encounter, Mestre invited Valcírio to stay a while in his home until he could move to a piece of land that he was going to give him. Mr. Valcírio returned to Brasiléia, brought back three children that still lived with him and went to live with Mestre. He recalls that it was a very good experience, because he knew a little more of his father's personality.

"He was very kind. He thought with his heart and quickly unraveled any subject. He treated everyone with respect, he even called the children "mister" and "misses". His house was full of people who wanted to see him, receive his blessing, a help or a prayer. One day there was a Daime work and at the end he asked everyone if they had seen him in the Astral. I did not say, but I had seen him dead, his face shining and with cotton in his nose. I did not believe that he was going to die. After I moved to his land, he died. When I saw him dead, it was as if I had already seen that scene before", he recalls.

Mr. Valcírio is currently married to Dona Cecilia Gomes, daughter of the late Antônio Gomes and one of the companions of Mestre Irineu. Dona Cecilia is the mother of Paulo Serra, who was raised from childhood by Mestre. His resemblance to Mestre is not only in his face: Mr. Valcírio, in all his simplicity, shows great wisdom in his words spoken quietly and calmly.


No credit, possibly written by Antônio Alves.
English review by Moonvine.