CICLU - ALTO SANTO, AcreJuly 4th 2007 - This site comes to fulfil the desire of sharing the spiritualist Daime doctrine of Raimundo Irineu Serra, better known as Mestre Irineu, for those who seek the encounter with the truth that was practiced and spread by him through the teachings, example and liturgical practices received in the 57 years of his spiritual work on earth.

His life is itself a philosophy, a seed planted by him and cultivated by us across nearly a century of history and expansion, and it is up to us to seek the roots of this shaded tree -- deeply connected with the earth through nature, the forest, the vine, the leaf and our natural state among all beings -- this way guarding the collective space, creating and generating a safe and dignifying environment for the practices of the Daime, today and for the future generations, thereby giving continuity to his infinite work.

This website is a free and voluntary initiative, and has no connection whatsoever with any specific Santo Daime group, church, lineage, command or hierarchy, thus being impartial and non official, with the simple goal of sharing information about the work of Raimundo Irineu Serra and his followers. We neither sponsor nor encourage any attitude that might lead to prejudice, prosecution or any kind of sectarian thinking. We rely on the collaboration of all, in matter and spirit, for enriching this portal, which belongs to everybody: The life and the work of Raimundo Irineu Serra.

We hope that this way the work of this Divine Being can continue to exist in the hearts of all those who follow the doctrine of the Virgin Sovereign Mother, the Virgin of the Conception, the Queen of the Forest.

Alto Santo


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Santo Daime flag

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Above is the Daime flag, which was received by Mestre Raimundo Irineu Serra from the Holy Virgin Mother. The eagle is just about to take flight. Francisco Grangeiro asked Mestre Irineu about the symbolism: “Mestre, what does the eagle on top of the moon mean?” To which Mestre Irineu answered: “Chico, what happens if you take off the accent from the word ‘eagle’?” (In Portuguese, the word for ‘eagle’ is ‘águia’. Without the accent it would be pronounced ‘a-guia’, which means ‘the guide’) – from the book ‘Contos da Lua Branca’ (Tales of the White Moon) by Florestan Neto.


Percilia Matos da Silva
Interview with Mrs. Percilia Matos da Silva
Undated, most likely in the first half of the 1990s.
St. Francis of Assisi School
50 Years of the St. Francis of Assisi School
In 1963 was formed the St. Francis of Assisi School, held in the living room of the house of Mr. Manuel Hipólito de Araújo.
The Citizen Irineu Serra, by Antonio Alves
Text taken from the Traditional Ayahuasca Communities' magazine on "The Citizen Irineu Serra", by Antonio Alves.
Cipriano's journey to arrive at the mission of Mestre Irineu
The Force Calls
Cipriano recounts in an interview his journey to arrive at the mission of Mestre Irineu.
Mestre Gabriel and the Daime Call
Run to Where
There is Shade

Mestre Gabriel and the 'Daime call'
Interview with José das Neves
Santo Daime: the Doctrine of Mestre Irineu that has lasted for 51 years
Interview by the journal Varadouro in 1981 with José das Neves,
one of the first disciples of Mestre Irineu.
The Service Headquarters at the Beginning of the 60s -- Santo Daime doctrine
The Service Headquarters at the Beginning of the 60s
Mestre Irineu and the community gathered in front of the Service Headquarters of the Santo Daime doctrine, constructed from timber and wooden shingles, in Alto Santo.
Valcirio, Son of Mestre
Valcírio, Son of Mestre
Article from O Rio Branco gazette, of 1992, about the late Valcírio Genésio da Silva
Farewell to Raimundo Gomes da Silva
Tribute to Raimundo Gomes da Silva, by Antônio Alves
Farewell my brothers and sisters, for now I am going on, I am leaving, destined for the River Jordan.
O Rio Branco Gazette -- Wednesday, July 30, 1986.
Registration of baptism of Mestre Irineu
Registration of baptism of Mestre Irineu
Born on December the 15th of the year ended, 1890, and baptized in São Vicente de Ferrer, Maranhão / from the book "Contos da Lua Branca", by Florestan J. Maia Neto.
122 years of Mestre Irineu
Today Mestre Irineu completes 122 years of age. The verb is in the present tense indeed, because we are talking about a master who left a life legacy. And his work makes him as alive today as when he was still here with us -- a tribute by Jorge Viana.
Mestre Irineu and Mrs. Raimunda
Mestre Irineu
and Mrs. Raimunda

his third wife and companion, in 1949, along with Veriana Brandão, Mrs. Bibi, Percília Ribeiro and others -- Historic Photos.
Mestre's Sandals
Mestre Irineu's Sandals
A son of slaves, this Wednesday the 15th completes 118 years that Irineu was born in São Vincent Férrer (MA).
Luiz Mendes and Friends
Luiz Mendes do Nascimento,
in an interview granted to Alex Polari, in the late '80s, presumably in 1988, with the presence of Wilson Carneiro and friends
Francisco Fernando Filho, "Padrinho Tetéu"
Francisco Fernando Filho, "Padrinho Tetéu", by Thiago Martins e Silva Hoff. Article from issue 9, June 2007, of the much missed virtual magazine Arca da União.
Carlos Marques, the Brazilian Forrest Gump
Carlos Marques,
the Brazilian
Forrest Gump
and "predestined apostle of the Santo Daime". Grande Bahia Journal, from Juarez Duarte Bomfim.
The Life of João Pereira
The Life of João Pereira
"The General of Comfort".
The Arraial of Alto Santo

The Arraial of Alto Santo - After 40 years without the traditional arraial held at the time when Mestre Irineu was alive, the Vila Irineu Serra united again to bring back a tradition from the roots of the Santo Daime, told in the words of the journalist Antônio Alves.

Leôncio Gomes da Silva
Leôncio Gomes da Silva, "The President".
The Life of Antônio Gomes da Silva
The Life of Antônio Gomes da Silva, "The Messenger of Peace".
Hinário Bandeira de Paz
Recording of the Hymnbook Bandeira de Paz, of Percília Matos da Silva, in the Hinários' section
Germano Guilherme
The Life of Germano Guilherme, "The Little Brother", faithful companion and the first follower to take ayahuasca with Irineu Serra.
The life of Maria Damião
The Life of Maria Marques Vieira,
Maria Damião

A homage to one of the four known "Companions" of Mestre, with many new information about her.
Daniel Pereira de Mattos - Friar Daniel - the founder of The Barquinha
Hymn 107 - I called there in the heights, of the hinário O Cruzeiro of Mestre Raimundo Irineu Serra and commented by Juarez Duarte Bomfim, telling a little about the story of Daniel Pereira de Mattos, the founder of A Barquinha.
Mestre Irineu's audio
The Audio
of Mestre Irineu,
recorded in 1964 by Wilson Carneiro, and today presented with love to the brother-sisterhood. This recording was handed over to this site by Mivan Gedeon, who in his turn received it from Antônio Macedo. We are most grateful to those who gave us such divine privilege of listening to our Mestre’s voice... in the matter.
New Hymns
A new section in Liturgy about the last hymns of Mestre; the "New Hymns".
Peregrina Gomes Serra
Madrinha Peregrina (Mestre's widow) receives a beautiful writing, by Eduardo Bayer, telling us about her person and the inheritance of Alto Santo -- Mestre’s headquarters -- who affectionately called her as "Piu"
Mestre's life
The life and the work of Raimundo Irineu Serra, according to Jairo da Silva Carioca.

Irineu Serra Memorial

Mestre's Words

The Beautiful Exercise of a Happy Man