Decree of Service of the Santo Daime Doctrine
Dictated by Raimundo Irineu Serra and written down by Percília Matos da Silva.


Center of Mental irradiation Divine Light
Decree of Services for the year 1970

The president of the Center of Mental Irradiation Divine Light, Mr. Raimundo Irineu Serra, exercising his legal rights decrees:

1- General Staff – You as the members of this house are definitively required to uphold its reverence and peace, thus making sincerity and respect the rule towards your fellow men. It is undeniable that, in any career, art or profession that we choose in life, will only arrive to the culminating point the ones who totally surrender in heart and soul. This is the rule that is exercised by the Divine Science.

2- Every parent should create inside their own home a center of peace and harmony. Husband and wife should treat each other with dignity and respect, including the petals of this love, in the firmer purpose of the future and of the happiness. All parents should be an exemplary teacher to their children, inside their own home, never pronouncing words that can jeopardize their concept; to teach their children which ones are the rights of a Brazilian citizen; to treat well their fellow men, from the more graduated to the humblest one; to teach which ones are the religious rights; that they should have respect towards God above all things, pray every day to drive away the maladies, the diseases and the difficulties, etc.

3- Within the General Staff, there can be neither intrigue, nor hatred, nor even the slightest disagreement. Everyone who drinks this Holy Beverage should seek not only to behold beauties and splendors, but also to correct your flaws, thus working towards perfecting your own personalities in order to enter into this battalion and to follow in this line. If you act accordingly, you will be able to say "I am a brother".

Within this equality everyone will have the same rights, and in the case of sickness a committee will be expressly designated for the benefit of the brother in need.

4- On the day of works: All of you who come seeking physical, moral, or spiritual aid should always bring a healthy mind, full of hope, imploring to the Infinite and Eternal Spirit of Goodness and the Sovereign Virgin Mother for your ideals to be accomplished according to your merits.

To begin our meditation: After the service of Daime, all of you should go to your assigned places, with the exception of the ladies who have children; these ladies should, first, shelter their children.

Continuing our meditation: When the intermission arrives, as the first call is made, all of you should get in formation, both the masculine and the feminine battalions, because everybody has the same duty. The truth is that the Center is free, but whoever takes charge of something, should carry it out. No one is free of responsibility, and whoever has responsibilities has always a duty to fulfill.

The discipline-goal cannot be learnt in books; everything is up to our own self. Only the experience brings us fulfillment. The power of the Divine existence shows us in the same way the contact of our individual evolution in the earthly sphere in relation to the superior plan. Moreover, it is known to us that there are in our mind superior and inferior attractions. The elementary Knowledge takes us to the complete change of all of our values, of habits and mutual comprehension, in parallel with the exams of our own conscience. There are in our mind a set of superior and inferior attractions, and this attraction, put into practice on a daily basis will bring a development able to produce the most altruistic results, depending on our conscience. If we practice the good, the good will leads us and if we practice the evil, of course, we can only be defeated. If we act accordingly we will be marching towards the path of perfection and in search of new achievements.

Thus it will be declared, from now on, that the brother or sister that by the force of incomprehension does not abide with fidelity to the above mentioned duties, resolving to wander through contrary paths, will be by the first fault called upon a council; by the second fault will be suspended for 30 days; and if one keep still disobeying, will be definitively expelled.

Signed: Raimundo Irineu Serra.



Important note: this decree was dictated by Mestre and written down by Mrs. Percília, Mestre’s adoptive daughter and keeper of the doctrine and of the Hinário “O Cruzeiro”, being this attribution given to her before his passage. There are other decrees that were based on this one in order to make it more actual, but this is the original that was left by Him (Silmara Camargo - CRF - Centro da Rainha da Floresta / São Paulo).

This word, decreed by Mestre Irineu, acts like a Statute law of the Santo Daime doctrine. It is read in all concentration works on the 15th and 30th of each month, when the Santo Daime is taken, the decree is read, the concentration takes place for about one or two hours, the Decree is read again, the New Hymns are sung, the final prayers are conducted and the president closes the work.

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