The Liturgy of the Santo Daime
Accordingly with the work received by Raimundo Irineu Serra.


Through collaborations and accounts we can build a relatively faithful picture about the liturgy of the Santo Daime doctrine, which was created in the 57 years of life of our Mestre Raimundo Irineu Serra. We are also open to new information and corrections, as well as contributions concerning other liturgy aspects, referring to the period where the Master was, among us, alive.

It is important to mention that even among the elders the discrepancies exist, and with this site we intend to open a space where these details can be by everyone validated, on behalf of the future generations, as well as in the name of those who today practice the doctrine but do not have access to information, as basic as it can be.

The knowledge is a powerful tool against ignorance, the fanaticism, the intolerance and the prejudice, and it is necessary to have a conscience concerning our past, and as well as there is no future for a nation without memory, it is up to us to don’t forget our own past, even if this past will fit us just as a guideline, and not as an end.


Mestre's table of works