Friday, December 29th of 2006
Irineu Serra Memorial


Irineu Serra MemorialThe restoration of the Raimundo Irineu Serra’s Memorial (1892-1971), of the Universal Light Christian illumination Center (CICLU - Alto Santo), was inaugurated yesterday with the presence of the governor Jorge Viana, of the mayor Raimundo Angelim and of Peregrina Gomes Serra, widow of the Daime doctrine’s founder.

The memorial is the wooden home built between 1942 and 1945 by Mestre Irineu, in the place baptized by him as Alto da Santa Cruz (Summit of the Holy Cross), better known, world-wide, as Alto Santo, situated 5 miles from the center of Rio Branco city. There are in the memorial a full pile of photos, books, documents and objects that belonged to the doctrine’s founder and his disciples.

The journalist Antonio Alves, speaker of CICLU – Alto Santo, made a deposition about the experience of arriving for the first time to the home where Irineu Serra lived. He thanked the governor Jorge Viana on behalf of the dignitary Peregrina Serra and of the Santo Daime fraternity.

I thank you and I wish that these eight years, plus the four years as a mayor, be followed for all of the Acre rulers as an example. That never more the Acre people forgets how much they owes to Mestre Raimundo Irineu Serra, who is one of the Acre builders, and that they don’t forget how much they owes to his past, to his history and that the people never forgets that they were reborn from the ashes and today they present themselves to Brazil as a state worthy of being Brazilian. May this Government of the forest, which helped the people from Acre to rise and set its foundations before the world, be a simple, strong and perennial government alike this house. This place has existed since always, and it will exist until forever. For us it is the center of the universe and for who follows the teachings of Mestre Irineu this place is an eternal habitation."

Visibly touched, the governor Jorge Viana told that he attends the Alto Santo since he was a child and that the first image that he kept of Irineu Serra is the one of a governor bowing himself before Mestre’s hand.

In that house there was already for me the message of humility: to bow yourself before whom? Before the Acre’s state, before of our forest, before a simple man and loaded with wisdom. I never comprehended quite right why I only recollect this image: the one of the governor Jorge Kalume bowing himself before Mestre Irineu."