The Children of Juramidam
The children of the Santo Daime doctrine and its ramifications throughout the years.


As the pioneers of the countless fronts of spiritual and material labor say farewell to this world, we must take charge of a duty with the doctrine, the beginners and to ourselves, which is the introduction of a rich and safe environment so that the works can and ought to carry us to the hands of our Virgin Divine Mother -- the spiritual space where inhabits the doctrine of the Santo Daime.

In order for that to happen we must also preserve, respect and render reverence to the lessons and the teachings received and transmitted in the past -- the memory and the previous experiences of those who preceded us -- producing the necessary knowledge to support and to keep firm the natural evolutionary process that our doctrine suffers every day.

It is through the ramifications that were originated of the spiritualist work received by Raimundo Irineu Serra, in 1914, and its progressive adaptation, differing from each other as a practice, that we are going to find a fertile ground to germinate the seeds of knowledge and research. If we could understand from where we came and why we got here, so far, and the reason why we were divided in so many beautiful families, we are certainly going to have a strong foundation for the future generations with the much dreamt union that Mestre Irineu always fought to achieve, as also fought the true stars that preceded him.

We hope, by achieving that, to be promoting the best understanding between the brothers and sisters and soothing the prejudice been born by the lack of information, communication, reference and comprehension, at the same time that we go recognizing a doctrine without myths and fanaticism, through the memory of our predecessors, their experiences and battles that allowed us be here, today, trailing the path of the illumination, of the pardon, of the love and of the harmony.